Work Site Medical Programs

Corporate Health Care

Corporate Health Care offers occupational health services to meet the needs of local employers. We offer physical examinations to evaluate employee health, including:

  • Post Offer (Pre-Placement) Examination for potential new hire candidates, including a full medical history and (if needed) a work simulation assessment.
  • DOT/MVD Examinations, to ensure compliance with state and federal DOT rules and regulations, including a complete physical, vital signs, color blindness and sleep apnea screening, along with (if necessary) a 5-panel split urine drug screen.
  • Periodic and Annual Examinations, including for safety-sensitive and OSHA-required medical surveillance exams. Corporate Health Care follows the National Fire Protection Association guidelines (NFPA) for firefighters.

Work Conditioning Programs occur over a period that can range from two to six weeks, during which time an employee can work to measure and/or improve his or her ability to perform job functions. The program is designed to simulate work activities while also educating the employee about health and safety on the job.

Functional Capacity Evaluation determine an individual’s optimum, safe performance level using specific work-related job tasks based on the actual job demands. This is especially helpful for employees with complicated injuries and illnesses. The Functional Capacity Evaluation can help discern an employee’s:

  • Functional abilities
  • Potential disabilities
  • Qualification of work abilities for medical/legal reasons

Fit for Duty Assessment measures whether an employee has the physical capacity to perform his/her job functions safely and without physical harm. This is appropriate once an employee has been approved by a primary care physician to return to work, regardless of whether the illness or injury was work-related.

Work Simulation Services help determine whether a job candidate is physically capable of performing all necessary job-related duties.

Respiratory Certification

In addition to OSHA evaluation to determine whether your workers require respiratory protection, we offer the full range of related medical screenings and testing, including:

  • Spirometry to measure pulmonary function
  • EKG to monitor the electrical activity of the heart as a measure of cardiac health
  • Fit Test – for adherence to OSHA guidelines regarding respirator fit
  • Drug and Alcohol Screenings 
  • Audiometric Screenings

Vaccines and  Immunizations

At our offices or in some instances at your worksite, we can deliver the full complement of employee health vaccinations, titers, immunizations, including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza and tuberculosis.

For More Information

If you have questions contact Corporate Health Care at 203-749-5720, contact Occupational Health Services, or ask your doctor about Danbury Hospital.

For a doctor referral call 1-800-516-3658, or search our online Find a Doctor tool to find a doctor near you.