Workplace Health and Safety

Corporate Health Care

Corporate Health Care provides a variety of comprehensive programs to encourage employee health and productivity by keeping injuries to a minimum, including:

Job Site Assessment. Our professional job site assessment team visits your work site to produce an expert analysis of essential job functions for each worker, examining specific job functions while collecting data to provide you with a thorough analysis of each worker’s tasks, including physical activities involved and desired work outcomes.

Ergonomic Analysis. Our ergonomic consultants find practical solutions to the physical demands workers face, focusing on scientific ergonomic analysis and problem-solving. We specialize in maximizing productivity and minimizing the likelihood of injury or worker fatigue.

Job Description Development. Our job description specialists visit your location to perform hands-on evaluations of the physical requirements on employees. This may involve taking measurements (height, weight) of products and tools and filming and photographing workers to assess particular body positions/equipment used. Our focus is on making recommendations to alleviate cumulative trauma and prevent injuries.

Surveillance of Hazardous Material Exposure (HAZMAT). Our medical professionals perform baseline and annual medical surveillance examinations to ensure that employees are not being harmed by exposure to toxic materials.

Hearing Test/Conservation Program. We conduct OSHA-mandated measures of employee noise exposure to determine whether hearing protection equipment is needed.

Respiratory Certification. In addition to OSHA evaluation to determine whether your workers require respiratory protection, we offer the full range of related medical screenings and testing, including:

  • Spirometry to measure pulmonary function
  • EKG to monitor the electrical activity of the heart as a measure of cardiac health
  • Respirator Fit Test – for adherence to OSHA guidelines regarding respirator fit

For More Information

If you have questions contact Corporate Health Care at 203-749-5720, contact Occupational Health Services, or ask your doctor about Danbury Hospital.

For a doctor referral call 1-800-516-3658, or search our online Find a Doctor tool to find a doctor near you.