Information for Physicians

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Danbury Hospital offers many services for physicians. The Laboratory Information System we use is MD Office Connect.

Professional Consultation

Members of our staff are always available to answer your questions, discuss test results, consult on unusual cases, or arrange for special studies. For professional consultations or to request specimen pick up, test results, add-ons, specimen collection material, general information, and specimen requirements please call (203) 739-7306.

Homecare Phlebotomy

The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology provides phlebotomy services for homebound patients Monday through Thursday. In-home visits must be scheduled in advance with a completed Homecare Booking Form faxed to (203) 739-8835.

Specimen Pick Up and Delivery Service

Regularly scheduled courier service is available throughout the greater Danbury area. Couriers are trained in the proper transportation of specimens to maintain their integrity. Test results are usually delivered by the same courier service, telecommunications, or by mail to outlying offices. Supplies and other necessary materials are also distributed by courier. Please contact (203) 739-7306 to arrange for a specimen pick up.

Specimen Labeling

All specimens submitted to the Laboratory for testing must be labeled with the following information:

  1. Patient first and last name (NOTE: Last name only is unacceptable)
  2. Date of birth or unit (Medical Record) number
  3. Date specimen collected
  4. Initials of person obtaining sample and time of collection
  5. Specimen source if not blood

Any specimen submitted that is improperly labeled will be rejected and must be recollected, unless the person obtaining the specimen accepts responsibility for labeling and can correct the label.

Specimens must always be labeled by the person who obtained the specimen. Having someone label the specimen other than the person who collected the sample greatly increases the chance for error, and can seriously impact patient care.