Bone Marrow Collection

Danbury Hospital provides bone marrow biopsy and aspiration procedure provides information about the status of and capability for blood cell production. It is not routinely ordered and the majority of people will never have one done.

A bone marrow aspiration and/or biopsy may be ordered to:

  • Evaluate blood cell production
  • Diagnose leukemia
  • Diagnose a bone marrow disorder
  • Diagnose and stage other types of cancer that may have spread into the marrow
  • Determine whether a severe anemia is due to decreased RBC production, increased loss, abnormal RBC production, and/or to a vitamin or mineral deficiency or excess

Conditions that affect the marrow can affect the number, mixture, and maturity of the cells, and can affect its fibrous structure. When requested by your doctor, our pathologists perform the biopsy and aspirations.

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