Chemotherapy Infusion Suite

The Chemotherapy Infusion Suite at Danbury Hospital provides patients with chemotherapy and medical infusion services in a calm and welcoming environment. We have comfortable chairs, warm blankets and snacks, individual televisions and videos, and additional accommodation for family members and friends. Our nurses and other staff members have received advanced training in oncology and chemotherapy administration and provide exceptional, personalized care.

Our Continuum of Care

The nurses in the Chemotherapy Infusion Suite work closely with physicians and other hospital departments to implement each patient’s individual treatment plan and goals, keeping patients involved in the process. The center is staffed so that patients can expect to see the same familiar faces on each visit.

The Chemotherapy Infusion Suite also serves as a place where patients can meet with hospital resources, like financial counselors, social workers, or dieticians, so that it’s not necessary to visit multiple locations within the hospital. Patients also have access to staff with expertise in complementary medicine who can discuss alternative remedies and give guidance on which treatments are safe and which might interfere with the patient’s medical treatment plan.

For More Information

If you have more questions about Chemotherapy Infusion Suite, call 1-800-516-3658 or ask your doctor about Danbury Hospital. Need to find a doctor? Use our Find a Doctor online tool for a physician referral.

You can also visit our patient and visitor information guide for more detailed information about Danbury Hospital.