Cancer Care Coordinator

Facing cancer can feel lonely and frightening, and at Praxair Cancer Center we want you to know you are not alone. Our Cancer Care Coordinator — a specially trained oncology nurse — is available to you from diagnosis onward. You can rely on her for information, support, access to services, and help navigating the sometimes confusing or overwhelming aspects of cancer treatment.

As a patient advocate, the Cancer Care Coordinator is your dedicated contact person throughout the care process. She can help you find or clarify information, suggest questions to ask, send you to the right place to manage your symptoms, and provide support, hope, and encouragement.

Because the Cancer Care Coordinator knows the hospital and is familiar with the diagnosis and treatment process, she can help reduce the complexity of the information you receive and connect you with the resources you need for your particular situation.

During a complicated and emotional time, the Cancer Care Coordinator serves as a bridge connecting you and your family with the hospital, doctors, support services, and community agencies. With backgrounds in oncology and case management, our Cancer Care Coordinator understands many of the emotional, social, and physical issues associated with cancer and cancer treatments.

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