Clinical Research/Cancer Clinical Trials

The cancer clinical trials performed at the Praxair Cancer Center allow us to offer patients the most advanced therapies to treat cancer. Each clinical trial is designed to find new or better ways to treat different cancers. Patients at the Praxair Cancer Center have participated in clinical trials that were instrumental in changing the standards of care for certain types of cancer.

Oncology Research Coordinator

At the Praxair Cancer Center, the Oncology Research Coordinator works with our physicians to identify patients who might be eligible to take part in clinical research, including national clinical trials.

Patient participation in clinical trials is important to evaluate the effectiveness of new drugs and treatment strategies. Anyone who participates will be fully informed about the details, benefits, and risks of the proposed trial. Once patients are enrolled in a clinical trial, the Research Coordinator will provide ongoing assessment and education to both the patient and the family.

The Praxair Cancer Center is also part of the Gynecological Oncology Group (GOG), the only national cooperative study group devoted exclusively to gynecological malignancies.

Reproductive Tumor Biology Research

The Reproductive Tumor Biology Research Laboratory at the Danbury Hospital Biomedical Research Institute is another valuable resource for people with cancer. Scientists led by a team internationally acclaimed cancer researchers are using a proteomic platform to study protein-protein interactions that impact the body’s response to treatment. 

For More Information

To learn more about clinical trials and cancer research, please visit the Research section of our web site.

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