Diagnosing Cancer

The Praxair Cancer Center has the skilled professionals and advanced technology to rapidly and accurately diagnose all types of cancer.

Among the resources available:

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Pathologists play an integral role at the time of diagnosis. Our highly skilled and experienced board-certified pathologists, many with sub-specialty expertise, use state-of-the-art technology to precisely diagnose and evaluate specimens for cancer. They also take part in our multidisciplinary case review teams to examine pathology details that may impact the development of individualized treatment plans for each patient.

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Services

Radiologists are at the forefront in evaluating imaging studies to identify potential cancers, evaluate the response to treatment, and discover further evidence of disease. Our board-certified physicians, many with sub-specialty training, have extensive experience administering and interpreting a full-range of advanced radiology and diagnostic imaging services. They work directly with the surgical and medical care management team. As members of the multidisciplinary case review teams, radiologists provide critical expertise in cancer diagnosis and surveillance.

Our unified approach to caring for patients with cancer encompasses disciplines from the time of diagnosis through surgery and treatment, including all support. Staff members are dedicated to providing the highest level of cancer care.

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