Obtaining X-Ray Copies

You or your physician may need to obtain copies of your x-rays on CD-Rom. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Requesting Copies or a CD

Contact the Film Library as soon as you know when your appointment is scheduled. The Film Library needs at least 24-48 hours notice to process your request. We will make every effort to accommodate any emergency situation.

Required Information

Provide the Film Library with the following information:

  • Patient's full name
  • Date of birth
  • Physician's name
  • Date of your appointment
  • Mailing address if you wish them to be postal mailed

The Film Librarian will advise you when the films will be ready for pickup. Films may be picked at the Radiology reception desk in the Outpatient Radiology Department, 3rd floor in the Tower building.

For More Information

You may also find it helpful to visit RadiologyInfo.org for more information about other procedures in radiology. If you still have questions you should talk to your doctor.

If you need a doctor referral call us at 1-800- 511-8287, or search our Find a Doctor online tool to find a doctor near you.