Testing and Neuro-Imaging

Doctors at the Stroke Center use different tests to diagnose the type and source of a stroke, and location of the injury to the brain. These diagnostic tests examine how the brain looks, works, and gets its blood supply – and they help determine an appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

Diagnostic tests fall into two categories:

  • Neuro-imaging tests
  • Blood flow tests

Neuro-imaging Tests

Neuro-imaging tests include CT or CAT scans and MRIs. These types of neuro-imaging tests create pictures of the brain and provide valuable information about the location and extent of a brain injury. They are usually among the first tests given to patients with stroke symptoms.

Blood Flow Tests

Blood flow tests provide information about the condition of arteries in your head and neck that supply blood to your brain. These tests can show doctors the size and location of any blockages, help them diagnose aneurysms and malformed blood vessels, and can provide valuable information before surgery. 

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