Kidney Stone Care

Kidney stones are hard masses, like stones, that form in the kidneys and can block the flow of urine. Your doctor may suspect kidney stones if you have experienced a sudden severe pain in the abdominal area or back.


Urologists at Danbury Hospital offer comprehensive care the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones. Treatment options depend upon the size of the stone or stones, and the symptoms they cause. Some patients are able to pass the stones on their own by drinking plenty of fluids.

Lithotripsy – Treatment of Choice

Lithotripsy is the technology that allows a urologist (or sometimes a radiologist) to break up stones inside the body (such as kidney, ureter and urinary bladder stones) using shockwaves, produced by a machine called a lithotriptor. Stones are simply crushed into sand-like particles, which pass out, harmlessly, in urine.

Lithotripsy remains the treatment of choice for most kidney stones because there it is virtually painless, requires no anesthesia, no surgery, and no hospital stay. For large or multiple stones, lithotripsy and minimally invasive surgery may be combined.

Follow Your Doctors Orders 

If you are diagnosed with kidney stones, follow your doctor’s recommendations for fluid intake and other methods to ensure you will pass the stone. Your doctor will order medication to relieve the pain, and antibiotics if there are signs of infection.

Report any signs of infection to your doctor immediately.

For More Information

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