Renal (Kidney) Surgery

Our urologic surgeons are highly skilled at performing a full range of renal surgeries, including radical, partial and laparoscopic removal of the kidney.

Laparoscopic Kidney Removal (Nephrectomy)

Laparoscopic nephrectomy provides patients with a safe and effective way to remove a diseased or cancerous kidney. Laparosopic nephrectomy is a minimally invasive technique, which provides patients with less discomfort and equivalent results when compared to the larger incision required with traditional open surgery. 

Conversion to “Open” Renal Surgery

The laparoscopic surgical procedure may require conversion to the standard open operation if difficulty is encountered during the laparoscopic procedure. Your urologist will make this decision based on your safety. This could result in a larger standard open incision and possibly a longer recuperation period.

Renal Endoscopy

Urologists at Danbury Hospital use renal endoscopy, a minimally invasive technique for obtaining renal biopsies.


Our urologists have a high success and low complication rate using a procedure called cryotherapy to treat small kidney tumors. Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive technique to treat kidney tumors by freezing a portion of the kidney in order to destroy the cancer cells.  In addition to shortened recovery time, cryotherapy preserves kidney function (versus radical surgery). However, should cryotherapy not have the desired outcome, renal surgery can still be considered an option.

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