Medical Surgical Nursing Service

Western Connecticut Home Care

Our medical surgical nursing service provides home healthcare for medical patients and surgery patients, including wound care, injections, medication administration, chronic long-term care, telemedicine care, and vital sign monitoring.

Wound Care

Wounds as a result of surgery, an injury or burn, diabetes, pressure ulcer problems, or poor circulation require special care. Western Connecticut Home Care provides the right care for your wound at home, and helps you to better understand the healing process so you can recover as quickly as possible.

Our professional nursing staff includes Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses (WOCNs) with expertise in the treatment of patients with wounds, ostomies (surgically created openings), and incontinence management issues.

Assessing the Status of a Wound

  • Assessing the status of a wound and how well it is healing may entail:
  • Wound cleansing and changing wound dressings
  • Administering antibiotic therapy
  • Educating patients and caregivers on changing wound dressings, monitoring healing, managing pain, and recognizing potential complications
  • Providing state-of-the-art therapies, such as negative pressure wound therapy, to stimulate tissue growth and heal wounds faster
  • Making recommendations for the necessary changes to your diet, activities, and other aspects of your life to facilitate recovery
  • Improving your comfort at home during the healing process


Western Connecticut Home Care serves thousands of patients in Northern Fairfield County who have diabetes, or other conditions, that require regular injections or infusion therapy (receiving medications intravenously).

Our skilled staff can help with administering medications — whether you require insulin shots, medications to prevent blood clots, or fertility treatments — we can offer the support and training you need to perform injections properly.

Our Trained Nurses Can:

  • Teach you to administer your own injections
  • Pre-measure medications to prevent dosage errors
  • Administer injections for you, as frequently as needed
  • Work with your doctor to assess treatment and dosage
  • Provide comfort and support

Treatments Include:

  • Infusion therapy involves the administration of fluids, nutrients, and medications intravenously for pain management, treatment of infections, chemotherapy, and other reasons
  • Insulin is a hormone created by the pancreas that controls the glucose level in blood. Drugs containing this hormone are used in the treatment of diabetes
  • Vacuum-assisted closure (also called vacuum therapy, vacuum sealing, or topical negative pressure therapy) is a medical procedure in which a vacuum is used to remove blood or fluid from a wound or site

Medication Administration

Medications can prevent and control illness, relieve pain, and fight infection. However, if taken incorrectly or in the wrong combination, they can cause serious problems. Western Connecticut Home Care helps patients manage their medications, making sure they take the right dose on the right day, and at the right time.

Western Connecticut Home Care Will:

  • Help you organize your pills and create an easy and effective system for tracking your daily medications
  • Pre-pour or pre-measure medications for you
  • Check to make sure prescriptions are filled and expiration dates are noted
  • Assess the effectiveness of medications and monitor potential side effects
  • Work with your doctor and pharmacist to prevent dangerous drug interactions
  • Develop reminder systems and extra safety precautions
  • Create reminder systems and extra safety precautions
  • Help you plan for travel and other changes to your daily routine

Telemedicine Care

Telemonitoring is the latest technology to monitor a patient's condition in the home.

  • A small, user-friendly computer unit is placed in the home
  • All vital signs are monitored daily
  • The data is transmitted to a central nurses station at the Western Connecticut Home Care office

With telemonitoring you, your loved ones, and your doctor are comforted in the knowledge that you are monitored closely on a daily basis. Your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight, and blood oxygen level are checked and sent via telephone line to your nurse. Your doctor then reviews this information and intervenes when needed.

Vital Sign Monitoring

Western Connecticut Home Care wants to help you live your best life possible, and stay healthy. Our nurses will see to it that we assist you in attaining this healthier lifestyle via vital sign monitoring.

Maintaining Your Health

To help you maintain your health, our nurses:

  • Check your vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, respiration rate, and weight
  • Teach you how to use a blood pressure cuff and other equipment, as needed
  • Provide self-care and education materials about your specific illness
  • Help you evaluate changes in vital signs and recognize potential complications

For More Information

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