Rehabilitation Service

Western Connecticut Home Care

Rehabilitation therapists provide treatments following surgery, an illness, or an accident. If your home healthcare nurse or doctor determines that you need rehabilitation services, you may see one or more of the following:

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists

Your therapist will come to your home to perform a complete evaluation of your needs, then develop a plan of care that takes into account any unusual features or safety concerns that your home presents.

All of our rehabilitation therapists are state-licensed, and many have advanced degrees in their specialty. Each therapist works closely with your doctor and your home healthcare nurse, and attends ongoing, intensive training that is specially designed to address the needs of home healthcare patients.

Our therapists carry laptop computers, so they can send and receive information from your doctor and other members of your home care team. This technology gives your therapist information about your medications and treatments, and protects your privacy with the use of special security features.

Physical Therapy

Western Connecticut Home Care uses the latest technology and research, combined with hands-on care, to ensure that you or your loved one get the treatment needed. 

Our physical therapy services are focused on having you:

  • Move in and out of bed or a chair
  • Walk on level ground and navigate stairs or curbs
  • Use a cane or walker safely and effectively
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Conserve energy and limit strain on joints and muscles
  • Learn about fall prevention and exercise programs

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can help you or a loved one regain the ability to perform everyday activities like eating, dressing, and bathing — and beyond that — activities such as preparing a meal or enjoying a favorite hobby.

Our Western Connecticut Home Care occupational therapists visit you at home to help you:

  • Adapt your day-to-day routine to meet your abilities after an injury or stroke
  • Improve fine motor skills so that buttoning a shirt, putting on shoes, or cutting food becomes easier
  • Learn to use strategies or specially designed equipment that will help you to complete basic tasks and activities of daily living safely
  • Speed recovery after surgery through exercises and positioning programs
  • Regain the ability to perform tasks and to live as independently as possible

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy involves much more than relearning or improving the ability to form words; it can help after stroke or other illness that have affected the muscles that control swallowing and/or help you form words.

Our Western Connecticut Home Care speech therapists will help you:

  • Understand and process what is being said
  • Find other ways to communicate after a stroke, including making gestures or facial expressions
  • Read, write, perform calculations, and remember things
  • Use strategies to cope when communication is difficult or problematic
  • Help you develop an exercise program to ensure that speaking and swallowing are easier and safer

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