Community Service

Western Connecticut Medical Group

Western Connecticut Medical Group strongly support the commitment to advance the health and wellbeing of people by delivering high-quality care, participating in medical research, and assisting the Danbury Hospital with its medical residency programs. As part of our not-for-profit status, Western Connecticut Medical Group provides care to patients who cannot afford to pay for services.

Community Benefit
Charity Care $727,755
Medicare/Medicaid Shortfalls $12,932.642
Grand Total


In keeping with Western Connecticut Medical Group's commitment to serve all members of the community, Western Connecticut Medical Group practices provided free care, subsidized care, and care provided to persons covered by governmental programs at or below cost. Recognizing its mission to the community, services were provided to both Medicare and Medicaid patients.

As compared to like physician practices, Western Connecticut Medical Group payer mix for Medicare patients is 28%, which is slightly higher than the median benchmark. To the extent reimbursement was below cost, Western Connecticut Medical Group recognized these amounts as charity care in meeting its mission to the entire community. Western Connecticut Medical Group Medicare and Medicaid expense to revenue shortfalls were $12,932,642 in FY 2008.

The non-reimbursed value of providing charitable care and services provided by the Western Connecticut Medical Group practices was $727,755. Additionally, over 60 Western Connecticut Medical Group physicians volunteered their free time to treat patients in our community through the Americares Free Clinic, Kevin's Community Center, and Community Health Clinic.

Through Western Connecticut Medical Group’s not-for-profit mission of seeing all patients, including Medicare and Medicaid, it has eliminated the need for specialty clinics within the Hospital’s setting for most clinical specialties covered by Western Connecticut Medical Group. Western Connecticut Medical Group also has provided physician services to the hospital-run clinics in the fields of Pediatrics, Medicine, and Psychiatry.

Western Connecticut Medical Group and its physicians have participated in and contributed toward Western Connecticut Health Network's Stewardship objectives for clinical quality and population health management.

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If you have questions, contact Western Connecticut Medical Group, or talk to your doctor about Danbury Hospital. For a doctor referral call 1-800-516-3658, or search our online Find a Doctor tool to find a doctor near you.