Primary Care, Western Connecticut Medical Group

Western Connecticut Medical Group has primary care specialists in family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Our primary care offices are located in Danbury and the surrounding towns to make it easier for you to receive your routine and urgent care. Some of our offices provide extended hours for your convenience.

Our patients are our first priority. Urgent medical problems can often be handled on site. If you need to see your physician for urgent care, we have urgent, same-day appointments or we can book your appointment for the following day. In many cases, diagnoses can be made in our office, saving you a trip to the emergency room.

Adler-Klein, Debra, M.D.
Aguilar, Ben Hur H., M.D.
Arguello, Raul A., M.D.
Ashour, Christine W., D.O.
Auerbach, Julia, M.D.
Beris, Susan, M.D.
Biles, William, M.D.
Blackman, Mary, M.D.
Carr, Robert, M.D.
Dervisevic, Aida, M.D.
Dilling, Marylee H., M.D.
D'Orso, Jay V., M.D.
D'Souza, Arthur G., M.D.
Dworkin, Gregory G., M.D.
Farrell, Matthew M., M.D.
Fernandez, Yvette M., M.D.
Ferreira, Cornelius, M.D.
Fragoso, Jolanta S., M.D.
Franceschina, Joseph, M.D.
Gill, Anureet K., M.D.
Grey, Michael R., M.D.
Gurusinghe, Kariyawasam B., M.D.
Hunter, Jane A., M.D.
Jaskiewicz-Poznanska, Agata I., M.D.
Kalansuriya, Dileema, M.D.
Kaszycki, Grazyna, M.D.
Kessler, Frank J., M.D.
Lin, Yu Fang, M.D.
Mabasa, Abra G., M.D.
Mannion, Michele, M.D.
Mascia, Robert A., M.D.
McIntosh, David K., M.D.
Metz, Christine M., M.D.
Michaelis, Jeffrey, M.D.
Mortera, Lalaine C., M.D.
Moulton, Martha J., M.D.
O'Regan, Simon P., M.D.
Osnoss, Kenneth L., M.D.
Ott, Casey K., M.D.
Patino, Maria M., M.D.
Pellegrino, Kenneth J., M.D.
Rahimi, Kavosh, M.D.
Rubin, Jennifer B., M.D.
Sampson, Donald, M.D.
Sanders, Bruce T., M.D.
Schedgick-Davis, Laurie, D.O.
Seo, Weiming L., M.D.
Smidt-Afek, Naomi, M.D.
Soriano, Corinna A., M.D.
Tarbell, Karen V., M.D.
Thomas, Byron S., M.D.
Tikhomirov, Vadim, M.D.
Velsmid, Matthew J., M.D.
Weinshel, David A., M.D.
Yacono, Gary T., M.D.

For More Information

If you have questions, contact Western Connecticut Medical Group, or ask your doctor about Danbury Hospital. For a doctor referral call 1-800-516-3658, or search our online Find a Doctor tool to find a doctor near you.