About Your Hospital Bill

Please be aware that each time you receive services from the hospital, a separate account is created. It is possible to have several accounts open at the same time.

Insurance companies listed on the front of your statement will be billed as a service to you. Insurance benefits will depend on your policy and remaining deductible due. Any amounts not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the guarantor or responsible party.

Physician Billing Information

You may receive additional bills from physicians who helped you with your care while you were a patient at Danbury Hospital. Should you have any questions concerning their bill, please contact them directly. To assist you, we have listed the most frequently requested telephone numbers below:

Danbury Radiological Associates

Danbury Office of Physician Services
Contact Information

For More Information

You can Pay Your Hospital Bill Online. If you have questions about billing or insurance at Danbury Hospital, please contact Patient Access and Financial Services.

For information about our doctors search our online Find a Doctor tool, or if you need a referral call 1-800-516-3658.