Patient Education

Educational resources to help patients understand and prepare for surgery and procedures at the hospital

For many people visiting the hospital for a test, procedure, or as an inpatient, is an unfamiliar process. Danbury Hospital offers the following materials and resources to help patients and their families understand and prepare for surgery or a procedure.

Patient Information Guides

We offer patient information guides that have been prepared in an easy-to-read language by professionals at Danbury Hospital. You can view them online or they may be printed. Many patient information guides available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Online Emmi Programs

Danbury Hospital also offers many online Emmi programs to prepare for a procedure or surgery. Learn more about what programs are available, or speak to your doctor about what Emmi program is right for you.

Laboratory Testing

For More Information

Talk to your doctor if you have questions about a patient information guide or if you’re not sure what guide is best for you.

If you need a doctor referral call 1-800-516-3658, or search our online Find a Doctor tool to find a doctor near you.