Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is about enhancing healing and wholeness by attending to people's spiritual needs. Because spirit is an important dimension of human wholeness and the healing process, our mission is to assist patients, families, loved ones, employees and community members as they face the emotional and spiritual impact of illness and crisis. Chaplains help people deal with issues of fear, loneliness, hopelessness, ethical values, and questions of meaning.

Being in the hospital can be a difficult experience for the patient, their family and friends. At Danbury Hospital, we recognize this and want to provide support for your religious beliefs and practices in order to help you cope.

Our Spiritual Care staff is primarily focused on responding to your spiritual needs in a respectful and open way to be most helpful to you. Whether or not you have a particular faith tradition or religious identification, our staff will bring a listening presence and understanding for your questions of spirituality or meaning.

For those patients who have a strong connection to church, synagogue or mosque, we can notify your community of your desire to see someone from your own tradition. If you would like a Bible (other than the Gideon’s which is placed in every room) or other spiritual material, please call the Spiritual Care office at Extension 7885.

For More Information

We are here to help you. If you still have questions or need to speak with a member of our Spiritual Care team, please call 203-739-7059 (from within the hospital, dial 7059).