What We’re Doing for Quality and Safety

In addition to the quality initiatives presented in Performance Reports, there are a variety of programs and practices we have put in place to keep patients safe. All of these practices were adopted because they have been identified as national best practices that decrease the risk of harm to patients and dramatically improve clinical outcomes.

Hospitalist and Intensivist Programs

Hospitalists are doctors in the hospital who solely practice inpatient medicine. By doing so, they remain expert in the unique needs of hospitalized patients. Likewise, Intensivists are physicians who have special training in critical care medicine. At Danbury Hospital, there is 24/7 in-house hospitalist coverage to attend to the medical needs of patients, and intensivists are involved in the care of all of the critically ill patients.

Computerized Physician Order Entry

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is recognized as a key safety measure that reduces errors at the point of ordering. At Danbury Hospital, 100% of inpatient and Emergency Department orders are entered into systems that recognize safe dosing ranges, drug-drug interactions, and allergies. In addition, all inpatient medication orders are reviewed and cleared by a clinical pharmacist, prior to administration, to ensure the safety of the medications.

Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Records assist in the completeness and availability of medical information across settings and providers. Danbury Hospital has electronic medical records in the inpatient units, the Emergency Department, and several outpatient procedural areas. Information is stored electronically and is readily available to be retrieved for future visits. With appropriate protections in place, the records are also available to patients’ community doctors. All of this adds to patient safety through the ready availability of critical information, such as medications, allergies, and health histories, to the entire health care team.

Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Teams are teams of providers who can be called to immediately respond to the bedside of a patient who is experiencing sudden changes in their medical condition. At Danbury Hospital, we have a team of clinical experts who respond to requests to provide additional support. Rapid assessments are conducted, and fast determinations are made regarding the best location for the patient to continue receiving care.