Research and Academics

As a regional medical center, medical education is an integral focus of our mission. In addition to our research center and formal medical education programs for residency and fellowship training, Danbury Hospital and our affiliates offer health education and training through the Schools of Allied Health, a Dietetic Internship Program and EMS Training.

Research and Academics at Danbury Hospital 

Fellowships and Residencies

We are proud to help educate the next generation of doctors, while continuing to expand our knowledge base and always providing our patients with a higher level of care.

Clinical Trials

Research allows Danbury Hospital to be on the forefront of new information, so that the care of our patients can be based on the best clinical evidence available.

The goal of our research center is to generate new findings that will reduce the burden of disease for everyone in our community.

Schools of Allied Health

Danbury Hospital offers allied health education and training programs in many areas of study.