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Program Rotations

Dietetic Internship Program


  • 9 weeks in a Regional Medical Center
  • 1 week in a community hospital
  • 6 weeks in staff relief


  • 2 week outpatient nutrition counseling and wellness
  • 1 weeks school food service
  • 1 week bariatric nutrition, Head Start, WIC
  • 2 weeks long-term care
  • 1 week in a Group Home, Ability Beyond Disability, Food Service Management
  • 2 weeks in an outpatient diabetes clinic

Renal Dialysis

  • 1 week in an outpatient dialysis unit

Food Service Management

  • 5 weeks in a regional medical center with a room service delivery system

Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • 1 week working in an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation unit


  • 1 week orientation
  • 2 weeks of classes
  • 4 weeks to work on the group project
  • 2 weeks in a clinical management rotation
  • 2 weeks vacation

For More Information

If you have questions about the program, please contact the Internship Director for more information.