Evaluation of Resident and Faculty Competence

Internal Medicine Residency Program

After each block rotation faculty provide a review of the resident’s competency-based performance electronically. In turn the resident evaluates the faculty’s performance as well as the rotational experience. These evaluations are reviewed during our biannual House staff evaluation committee meetings. 

Residents can confidentially access their individual data electronically including Attending evaluations, ABIM procedure logs, Mini-CEXs, as well as all other program requirements. Ultimately residents will have their own personal portfolio.

(a) Block Rotations

During each rotation, residents are formally evaluated on-line by their respective attending. Evaluations are competency-based using ABIM standard evaluation forms. They are also evaluated by their resident colleagues and by medical students assigned to the team. Included in this process are 360-degree and Case Manager evaluations.

(b) Mentors

Each resident’s portfolio is also reviewed their mentor. The mentor meets with the resident frequently during the year and will present a resident’s portfolio to the house staff evaluation committee seveal times per year.

(c) House Staff Evaluation Committee

The house staff evaluation committee meets 5-6 times a year to review each resident's progress. Members of the committee consist of hospitalists, program directors, and various specialists. Thus, a competency-based group consensus is established for each resident.

(d) Program Directors Feedback Session

These are comprehensive meetings that take into account issues of remediation, meeting program requirements, and decisions for advancement. If an unfavorable or marginal evaluation is received on any resident, an urgent appointment with the Program Director is scheduled with that resident to review the issues raised in the evaluation.

Throughout the year, the Chief Resident and the Program Directors meet several times a week to review resident performance in an ongoing fashion. Information from these meetings is incorporated into the feedback that residents receive during their regular meetings with the Program Director.

Program and Faculty Performance

Residents are asked to evaluate their attendings performance after each block rotation. Additionally residents are asked to evaluate the program as a whole. These issues are discussed with the faculty and form the basis for faculty development and program modifications

For More Information

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