Flow Cytometry Interpretive Reporting Credentialing Log

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency Program


  • Understand the principles of flow cytometry, compensation, and flow applications
  • Correlate the examination of a patient’s Wright stained bone marrow, lymph node, and/or peripheral blood with flow cytometry reports for clinical interpretation  

Mode of Assessment

The resident will observe all related procedures. Using a set of case studies the Resident will review each case with a Pathologist. The assessment will ensure that the resident is familiar with both clinical and artifact manifestations that occur; identification of which is critical to proper Flow Cytometry interpretation.                                           

Clinical Correlation

The Resident will perform initial Flow interpretation prior to the submission of the reports to the Pathologist for result verification. The Pathologist will review all changes and/or modifications to the Resident’s report individually and directly to allow for continued growth and experience in interpretive reporting.        

Credentialing Log

Complete Flow Education Series Date Initial Resident/Staff
Flow Applications    
Fluorescence Compensation    
Flow Principles    
Observed all applicable procedures    
Read and discussed all applicable procedures    
Performed Mode of Assessment    

After completing the above, the resident must perform a minimum of ten (10) Flow Interpretation(s) and documented below: 

  Date  Accession Number  Diagnosis  Initials  

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