Surgery Residency

The Surgical Skills Lab is a 300-square-foot area for inanimate and virtual reality training. VR simulators currently in use include a GI-Bronch Mentor and Lap Mentor II, both from Simbionix. Inanimate models for training in open general, laparoscopic, GI, and vascular surgery are available, as well as 2 FLS training stations. The lab also houses a Sonosite ultrasound and Trauma Man and Central Line Man mannequins for procedural training. To aid in presentations, a dedicated video editing workstation with Adobe CS 5 is also available.

The lab is conveniently located near the ORs and the resident lounge. Residents have 24-hour card access to the lab. Plans are in place for expansion of the lab space.

For More Information

Please contact us if you have questions about the surgery residency program at Danbury Hospital, or would like more information.