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Medical Records Certificate Programs

The medical record is a permanent document prepared for each person treated in a health care facility.  It contains the details of patient care during diagnosis and treatment, as well as information of medical, scientific and legal value.

Traditionally medical coders and medical transcriptionists have been employed in the medical records department of hospitals. With the increasing expansion of health care needs, opportunities for employment are also available in ambulatory health care facilities (doctors' offices), industrial clinics, state and federal health agencies, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, educational facilities, and in a number of other areas.

Medical Records Careers

Medical Coding

Medical Coders access health information, identify diagnoses, and assign appropriate medical codes to narrative descriptions of diseases and procedures required for reimbursement, medical research, quality assurance or risk management.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcriptionists and Correctionists listen to the dictation of medical professionals and make comprehensive typed reports and corrections.  Medical transcription requires extensive knowledge and understanding, sound judgment, deductive reasoning and the ability to detect inconsistencies in medical dictation.

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