Basic Medical Records Certificate Program

Danbury Hospital offers two 40-week programs, one in the theory and practice of Medical Coding, and one in the theory and practice of Medical Transcription.

  • Medical Coding: learn to access health information, identify diagnoses and assign appropriate medical codes to narrative descriptions of diseases and procedures required for reimbursement, medical research, quality assurance or risk management
  • Medical Transcription Program: listen to the dictation of medical professionals and make comprehensive typed reports and corrections - requires extensive knowledge and understanding, sound judgment, deductive reasoning and the ability to detect inconsistencies in medical dictation

Program Requirements

An applicant to either program must be a high school graduate or have completed an equivalency examination.  An applicant to the Medical Transcription program must have adequate keyboard skills, as well.

Written notification to the Program Director is required if a student finds it necessary to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the program.


Classes are offered September through June or late February through early November, two evenings per week.

  • Medical Terminology (50 hours): learn the language of medicine - terms, words, abbreviations and symbols.
  • Anatomy and Physiology (50 hours): learn about the structure and functions of the human body and their relationship to the disease process with its diagnosis and treatment.
  • Medical Coding (50 hours) or Medical Transcription (45 hours)
  • A grade of 70 in each course is considered passing.

The core courses of Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology are shared by both programs and are taught by specialists in that area.  The Coding and Transcription classes are taught by specialists in those areas.

Upon completion of the program, students that want to become a CPC (Certified Professional Coder) must complete two years of experience working in the field before taking the certification test.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for either the Medical Coding or Medical Transcription program is $1,350. In addition, students must purchase required textbooks at an approximate cost of $450. A $700 non-refundable deposit is required upon acceptance and is applied to the tuition. The balance of $650 is payable by the first day of class.

Refund Policy: If a student withdraws from the program during the first week, $300 will be refunded.  After the first week, no refunds can be made.

For More Information

Please contact us if you have questions about the Medical Records Certificate Programs at Danbury Hospital, or if you would like more information.