Colon cancer is preventable. If you are over the age of 50, or have a family history of colon cancer, you should call your doctor today to schedule a colonoscopy screening. At Danbury Hospital we understand that your health is your best investment.

Online Resources

Colonoscopy Emmi Program

Emmi® Programs are web-based interactivities to help patients prepare for surgery, a procedure or a hospital visitDanbury Hospital is proud to offer Emmi programs to help you understand and prepare for a colonoscopy screening. You can register and watch the colonoscopy Emmi program for free.

Emmi programs are web-based interactivities to help patients understand and prepare for a procedure, surgery or a a stay at the hospital. Danbury Hospital offers the Emmi programs to our community for free.

Colonoscopy Patient Education

We also offer Patient Education area online with information to help explain and prepare for many procedures and tests. Our colonoscopy patient education guide may be downloaded online.

For More Information

We offer simple, safe screenings for early detection of heart disease and cancers. Review the list of Recommended Screenings recommended for your age. These are only guidelines so speak with your doctor to confirm which screenings and exams you need this year.