One in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Early detection saves lives.

Mammograms and other breast imaging technologies are used to look for cancers of the breast. Advanced imaging technology is used for both annual screenings and for treatment after a lump or other symptom of breast cancer has been found.

New Protocols

Based on new Connecticut legislation, new screening protocols are in place now. Women who have a screening mammography, and are found to have dense breast tissue, are entitled to a screening breast ultrasound.

Additionally, those who have a family history of breast disease should receive a screening breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). This more comprehensive screening program empowers women with better information, imaging, and risk assessment calculations. Regular screening mammograms after age 40 are a key preventative step.

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Online Resources

Preparing for a Mammogram

If you have scheduled or are going to schedule a mammogram, please visit How do I prepare for my Mammogram Procedure? for helpful preparatory information.

For More Information

We offer simple, safe screenings for early detection of heart disease and cancers. Review the list of Recommended Screenings recommended for your age. These are only guidelines so please speak with your doctor to confirm which screenings and exams you need this year.