Are you still tired when you awake in the morning?

Do you experience lingering headaches throughout the day? Do you wake up frequently throughout the night? If so, you’ve probably already considered you may have a sleep disorder.

But like many Americans, you either don’t know what to do or don’t understand how sleep medicine can help you get the answers you need.

Sleep Studies

Danbury Hospital offers comprehensive evaluation of more than 80 sleep disorders. Sleep medicine involves a range of physiologic tests that are done while you sleep comfortably. Studies are done in full service, relaxing environments in Danbury and Southbury.

Talk to your doctor if you think you may have a sleep disorder. Danbury Hospital offers sleep evaluations and studies in two convenient, comfortable settings where experts can help you, or a loved one achieve better sleep.

For More Information

We offer simple, safe screenings for early detection of heart disease and cancers. Review the list of Recommended Screenings recommended for your age. These are only guidelines so please speak with your doctor to confirm which screenings and exams you need this year.