Being Well

Being Well

Introducing Being Well, Danbury and New Milford Hospitals' new quarterly newsletter that brings you helpful information on health and wellness, including recipes, seasonal tips, and hospital news that can benefit you.

Living Well

As we all know, knowing you need to make a change doesn’t always translate into actually making the change. While you may know you need to eat a healthier diet or exercise more consistently, you may find yourself struggling to take any action. 

Get information on what healthy changes you can make to improve your health and how to make them.

Eating Well

Learn to unlock the power of food to help restore and maintain wellness with information on recommended dietary guidelines, health-promoting foods, and healthy recipes.

Feeling Well

Being informed about your health empowers you to make healthcare decisions that are right for you and your family.  Read about various health topics and equip yourself with knowledge that can help you and your loved ones.