Residency Competency Program

Please reach out to Cynthia Robertson Administrator, Pathology Residency Program , for information pertaining to the below as it has been prepared by Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency Program at Danbury Hospital faculty staff in cooperation with the pathology residents.

Autopsy and Surgical

  • Autopsy and Surgical Pathology Competencies

Blood Bank

  • Blood Bank Training and Competencies 
  • Blood Bank Competencies Evaluation

Clinical Chemistry

  • Clinical Chemistry Training and Competencies

Pathology Resident Credentialing Logs:

  • PTH/Ionized Calcium Interpretive Reports
  • Protein Electrophoresis Interpretation
  • Suggested Schedule and Checklist for Pathology Resident Rotation in Clinical Chemistry Laboratory

Clinical Microbiology

  • Clinical Microbiology Training and Competencies


  • General Competencies
  • Specimen Handling/Coulter Principle Credentialing Log 
  • Training Checklist 
  • Flow cytometric analysis


  • Cytology and Fine Needle Aspiration Training and Competencies 

Immunology and Serology

  • Flow Cytometry Interpretive Reporting 
  • Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Interpretation Credentialing Log
  • Immunology and Serology Laboratory

Molecular Pathology

  • Molecular Pathology Training and Competencies
Laboratory Medicine
  • Laboratory Management, credentialing, regulations, protocols and procedures


  • PIER modules – Informatic Portfolios used during the Lab Management rotation, modules with certificate of completion and evaluations in New Innovations.