Free Skin Cancer Screening

Danbury Hospital
Skin Cancer Screening

Free Skin Cancer Screening

The Diebold Family Cancer Center and board certified dermatologists are offering free adult skin cancer screenings:

July 28
9 am - 12 pm
Diebold Family Cancer Center
New Milford Hospital
Call to register 1-800-350-1595


10 Minutes Can Save Your Life

Come Get Screened if:

  • You never had your skin checked for skin cancer 
  • You have risk factors for skin cancer
  • You want to learn more about preventing or recognizing skin cancer

Risk Factors for Skin Cancer Include:

  • Fair skin that freckles or burns easily
  • Blond or red hair / blue, green or gray eyes
  • A personal or family history of skin cancer
  • High sun exposure and multiple sunburns, especially at an early age
  • Use of tanning beds or sun lamps
  • High number of moles