Eatingwell Plow to Plate® Healthy Meals Program for Cancer Patients at New Milford Hospital

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New Milford Hospital Set to Launch Eatingwell Plow to Plate® Healthy Meals Program for Cancer Patients

New Milford, Connecticut – September 13, 2017 – Starting in October, New Milford Hospital will launch an Eatingwell program to provide Diebold Family Cancer Center patients with the nutritional benefits of Plow to Plate® eating, free of charge. The healthy meals program for cancer patients has been made possible through generous support from the community.

The innovative and award-winning Plow to Plate® program is hosted at New Milford Hospital and promotes local foods and agriculture as a critical means to well-being and disease prevention. Plow to Plate® meals are prepared from scratch onsite by food service management company Unidine Corporation using fresh produce, antibiotic free meats, and locally grown fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment which can be associated with side effects that make eating well challenging. Maintaining good nutrition can help cancer patients feel better and stay stronger.

The Eatingwell program will serve 350 meals each month to patients receiving cancer care at the Diebold Family Cancer Center. To sustain the program, $34,000 must be raised annually so cancer patients can enjoy a free Plow to Plate® meal after each chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment, with the option of eating in the Hospital’s café or taking their meals home.

Donor support will also enable the Diebold Family Cancer Center to expand its Let’s Get Cooking program a free quarterly cooking class and nutrition workshop designed to help cancer patients and survivors make informed and healthy lifestyle choices.

According to the American Cancer Society, eating well during cancer treatment can help patients feel better, keep up energy and strength, heal and recover more quickly, tolerate side effects, decrease risk of infection and maintain a healthy weight.

To learn more about the Eatingwell and Let’s Get Cooking programs at the Diebold Family Cancer Center at New Milford Hospital, please call Cindy Tyler, RN, OCN, CBCN at 860-210-5302.

To support these programs, please contact the Foundation at 860-210-5270.