New Immune and DNA Targeted Therapies for Advanced Breast Cancer Studied at Norwalk Hospital

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Norwalk Hospital, part of the Western Connecticut Health Network, has recently opened two important clinical research trials for women with advanced (stage IV) breast cancer.  The first trial will test whether an anti-PDL1 antibody can improve the effects of chemotherapy for women with “triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)” The anti-PDL1 antibody targets a patient’s immune system so that it can recognize cancer cells and attack them.

According to Richard Zelkowitz, MD, Medical Director of the Smilow Family Breast Health Center at Norwalk Hospital, “Women with triple-negative breast cancer cannot be treated with hormonal therapies or anti-Her2 directed therapies such as the drug Herceptin. The only treatment available to them is chemotherapy. That is until now. The anti-PDL1 antibody unlocks the brakes on a patient’s immune system and has been very effective in a number of other cancers. We certainly hope it improves the treatment of women with TNBC.”

The second trial is aimed at women who have inherited the BRCA genetic mutation (that predisposes to breast and ovarian cancer) and have developed stage IV breast cancer. The trial will test if a new “PARP inhibitor” drug can improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy to treat the disease. A mutation in the BRCA1 or 2 genes leads to defects in DNA repair, which predisposes carriers to breast, ovarian and other cancers. According to George Zahrah, MD, Director of Genetics at Norwalk Hospital, “PARP inhibitors have been approved for patients with the BRCA mutation who develop ovarian cancer, so we hope they will also be effective against breast cancer caused by the same genetic defect.”

To learn more about these and other cancer research studies at the Western Connecticut Health Network, contact Jennifer Long, APRN at 203-852-2996.

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