• Community Care Team

    Greater Danbury Community Care Team

    The Community Care Team (CCT) is a community-based outreach initiative that is changing lives, saving lives, and helping vulnerable greater Danbury residents receive the care they need. In partnership with nearly 30 community and municipal agencies, the CCT Navigator works to improve outcomes for at-risk...

  • Philanthropy

    WCHN Impact of Philanthropy

  • DH Ortho Room

    New Orthopedic and Spine Unit Tour

    View the new unit for the Joint and Spine Center at Danbury Hospital, which is solely for joint replacement and spinal surgery patients, provides a wealth of amenities designed for your comfort and quick healing.

  • Kenneth’s Story: “I had 100 new friends here at Danbury Hospital."

    “Once I got to the hospital, I had an EKG done and about 100 new people showed up and I had 100 new friends here at Danbury Hospital.”

  • Donna's Story

    “Just the amount of time [Dr. Winter] spent with me, was so reassuring.”