Media Relations

Media Relations at Danbury Hospital

Danbury Hospital welcomes the opportunity to work with the media.

To facilitate that process, we have established the following guidelines to request information or interviews.

Contact Media Relations

Advance notice of on-site interviews is necessary so the Public Relations staff can arrange for interviews and/or photo shoots, notify the patient care areas involved, and schedule the appropriate patients, family and staff.

Please contact Public Relations at 203-739-7461 to arrange all interviews, photo shoots or for other information.

Privacy is Important to Us

To ensure patient confidentiality, privacy and appropriate sensitivity to all patients and families, reporters, film crews, and photographers must always be accompanied by a Public Relations staff member while on any part of the hospital campus. We follow the American Hospital Association procedures in meeting patient privacy guidelines contained in the Health Insurance and Portability Act.

Danbury Hospital policy does not allow photographs or grant interviews, on camera or by telephone, with patients who have been involved in high-profile accidents or news events during their hospital stay. Reporters may seek interviews only after patients have been discharged and returned home.

For More Information

See our calendar of events for the latest information on upcoming events sponsored by Danbury Hospital, or contact Public Relations if you have any questions.