Emergency Services at Danbury Hospital

Danbury Hospital’s Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Emergency Department is an accredited Level II Trauma Center, a Stroke Center and a Chest Pain Center. The Danbury Hospital Emergency Department is located at the Danbury Hospital main campus.

Our goal is to evaluate you and manage your illness or injury as quickly and efficiently as possible. We treat every person we see with respect, compassion and warm, attentive, supportive care. If you are facing a life-threatening medical emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately to get the fastest, most effective care.

Here is what you can expect upon arrival:

  • Our emergency response team will evaluate the urgency and severity of your condition and gather necessary medical information. Your information is immediately entered into our computerized medical record, which allows us to manage your care promptly. You’ll be given an electronic beeper that will light up and buzz when the doctor can see you. Please let us know if your condition changes while you are waiting.
  • If you need medical tests, such as blood tests, X-rays or heart tracings, waiting time will be necessary to process the tests and report the results.
  • Once the test results are received and treatment is completed, the physician or physician assistant will discuss your condition and make recommendations. You will either be discharged home or admitted to the hospital, depending on your condition.
  • If you are going home, the nurse will review your discharge instructions with you. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding your care before you leave. We want to make sure you understand your discharge instructions.

Danbury Hospital works in partnership with Danbury Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) to provide emergency care and transportation to members of our community and surrounding areas. Our rapid response times are faster than the national average and, when necessary, life-saving care begins the moment we arrive.  

Our EMS/paramedic service provides advanced, pre-hospital care by state-licensed paramedics and certified emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Our EMS/paramedic services include:

  • Immediate care. In constant contact with emergency physicians and nurses, our skilled paramedics and EMTs begin delivering care on the spot, saving valuable minutes by providing advanced monitoring, medications and interventions in transit.
  • Ambulances equipped with advanced technology. Considered “mini intensive care units on wheels,” our ambulances feature sophisticated medical technologies and equipment, including remote telemedicine systems. This allows our paramedics and EMTs, under the direction of an emergency physician, to begin diagnosing and treating patients on the scene.
  • Advance preparation for incoming emergencies. Valuable members of our team, EMTs provide ongoing updates on a patient’s condition to emergency physicians, ensuring that staff and resources are ready and waiting upon arrival.
  • Collaborative care. Patients appreciate knowing that the emergency response team who cared for them on the way to the hospital continues their care inside, working collaboratively with our Emergency Department staff to make a smooth, comfortable transition.
  • Community education. Our paramedics and EMTs provide exceptional public service and preventive education. Each year our team spends time at local schools, health fairs and other community events teaching children and adults about safety, injury prevention and when to call 9-1-1.
  • Danbury Emergency Medical Services and the City of Danbury Fire Department have worked in partnership with Danbury Hospital since 1987.
  • A Western Connecticut Health Network paramedic is stationed at the Bethel Police Department to provide dedicated, advanced life support services onsite, in conjunction with the Bethel and Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Departments.
  • To assist with the growing emergency medical needs of Meadow Ridge, a senior adult services facility in Redding, Western Connecticut Health Network oversees pre-hospital emergency medical care and transportation needs for facility residents.
  • Through a partnership with the Town of New Fairfield and its volunteer fire department, Western Connecticut Health Network provides EMS personnel and paramedic support to enhance emergency medical care, treatment and transport services for New Fairfield residents and locations.

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Matthew Cassavechia, Emergency Medical Services Director

At Danbury Hospital, we’re equipped for and well prepared to handle the most serious medical emergencies. We are a Level II Trauma Center. Our Mary Ellen and Samuel Klein, MD Critical Care Unit has won national quality awards. We are a certified Stroke Center, offering optimal care quickly and efficiently for patients suffering stroke. For patients experiencing an acute heart attack, Danbury Hospital is certified as a Primary Angioplasty Center.

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If you are facing a life-threatening medical emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately to get the fastest, most effective care.

Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Emergency Department

Patients and families can access the Danbury Hospital Emergency Department on the Danbury Hospital main campus.