FAQs: Health Quest and Western Connecticut Health Network combine to form new health system to be called Nuvance Health

Danbury Hospital
New health system leadership: (Left) John M. Murphy, MD, CEO; (Right) Robert Friedberg, President

What’s happening at Health Quest and Western Connecticut Health Network?
Health Quest (HQ) and Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) have united to form a new integrated, nonprofit health system. The name for the new health system will be Nuvance Health (pronounced NEW-vance). The new organization combines two health networks into one, serving patients and communities across New York’s Hudson Valley and western Connecticut with more convenient, accessible and affordable care.

Why are HQ and WCHN forming a new health system?
HQ and WCHN are forming a single, innovative health system so we can bring more healthcare programs and services to the communities we serve. By joining forces, we will expand our reach so we can help even more people optimize their health, prevent disease and manage chronic conditions.

The main benefits to consumers include access to greater breadth of services, such as more specialty physicians and population health programs.

Additional expected benefits include the use of data analytics to enhance quality and safety and improve health outcomes. Also, we expect to grow medical education and learning to shape the future of medicine that best serves the needs of our communities.

Nuvance Health will also fund new investments in research, technology and facilities, so we can uphold our promise to offer our communities the most advanced specialty care, close to home.

How will this change affect patients?

How will this affect my healthcare?
Your access to care should remain the same, without any immediate changes. Over time, you may see new and enhanced programs and services because of the new health system.  

Will I still be able to see my same care providers?
Yes. You will also have access to new specialists and expertise across the new health system.  

Will my insurance coverage be affected?
No. Your insurance coverage should not change. If you have any billing questions going forward, please contact our Patient Billing Centers:

  • Northern Dutchess Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center, Sharon Hospital, Vassar Brothers Medical Center: (845) 475-9940
  • Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Norwalk Hospital: (203) 749-2650

Will the name of my doctor’s office change? (Health Quest Medical Practice (HQMP), Western Connecticut Medical Group (WCMG))
Not immediately. The long-term plan is to integrate and create a fully integrated network of providers across HQMP and WCMG. Until then, the short-term plan is to operate as we do today, yet under one consolidated health system.

About Nuvance Health

What does Nuvance Health mean?
The name Nuvance Health, derived from a combination of the words “new” and “advance”, reflects a mission to continually make progress and pursue impossible, so we can enhance the health and well-being of every person in our communities.

What will Nuvance Health include?
Nuvance Health will serve 1.5 million residents across New York’s Hudson Valley and western Connecticut. It will include seven hospitals, more than 2,600 aligned physicians and 12,000 employees. Projected annual revenues of the system are $2.4 billion.


  • Danbury Hospital, Danbury, Conn.
  • New Milford Hospital, New Milford, Conn.
  • Northern Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck, NY
  • Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, Conn.
  • Putnam Hospital Center, Carmel, NY
  • Sharon Hospital, Sharon, Conn.
  • Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

By coming together, we can share and standardize best practices across these seven hospitals, and the expanded ambulatory practices and affiliates, all with the shared goal of enhancing the patient, physician and employee experience.

Who will lead the new health system?
Dr. John M. Murphy is the CEO of the new health system, and Robert Friedberg is its President. Previously, Murphy served as President and CEO of WCHN and Friedberg was President and CEO of Health Quest. The new organization’s board of directors includes diverse and equitable volunteer community representation: eight members were nominated by Health Quest and eight were nominated by WCHN.

We remain devoted to caring for our unique communities. That is why local, community-based leadership and separate boards of directors oversee each hospital.

For more information about Nuvance Health, visit our website.

Andrea Rynn, Director, Public & Government Relations
203-739-7919 | Andrea.Rynn@wchn.org

Amy Forni, Manager, Public Relations
203-739-7478 | Amy.Forni@wchn.org

John Nelson, Director, Public and Community Affairs
O: 845-554-1736 | C: 845-240-4317 | jnelson2@health-quest.org

About Nuvance Health
Nuvance Health’s mission will be to continually make progress and pursue impossible, so we can improve the lives of every person in each of the communities we serve. Nuvance Health will serve 1.5 million residents across New York and Connecticut and includes more than 2,600 aligned physicians, 12,000 employees, seven hospitals (Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Northern Dutchess Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center, Sharon Hospital, and Vassar Brothers Medical Center), a large network of primary care and specialty practices, and multiple affiliated organizations.