Our Performance Measures

Danbury Hospital is committed to providing you with the best possible quality of care. This means delivering all the right care you need, at the right time. We also pledge to keep you safe. Although injury can occur in healthcare, we want to avoid any injury that is preventable.

Performance Reports of Quality and Safety

Quality and safety measurement reports are designed to give you accurate and honest information about the care we deliver at Danbury Hospital. We believe that you deserve to know this information, and that this information will help you make good healthcare decisions. As you will see, our performance is very good, but there are always opportunities to do better.

We have selected specific measures to report that are related to both quality and safety and are nationally recognized as important. These measures have comparison data to national averages or best practices so you can see how we compare.

See our performance reports on these topics:

  • ICU catheter-associated urinary tract infections 
  • ICU central line-associated infections 
  • Pressure ulcers (bed sores) 
  • C. difficile infections 
  • Stroke treatment
  • Hospital re-admissions 
  • Emergency Department satisfaction 

Read Our Improvement Stories

We work on improvement constantly. Read some of our improvement stories to learn more about what we’ve done to enhance quality and safety at Danbury Hospital.